1. Kayak Boat Sailing

Ha Long is on National Geographic Adventures’ list of 25 best place for kayaking. If you are interested in kayaking or want to have some memorable experiences other than sitting around and passively waiting for the nature to presenting itself, you definitely need to try this activity.

You could find the kayak hiring store along the cruise port with the price ranging from 100.000 dong to 200.000 depending on the size of the boat.

2. Spending night on a cruise

The daylight scene of Ha Long is well-known and praised for years. Almost everyone visiting Ha Long could get a taste of it, however, not anyone could have that overwhelming experiences of witnessing Ha Long in her night dress. At night, the bright and cheerful Ha Long withdraws and leave the stage to the sexy, mysterious night lady. The night sky full of stars looks like a black dress doted with many crystal stone and diamond. And under that shining galaxy is flickering water surface.

In the silence of night on the bay, you could feel the breath of millions species living under the water. The night is also the ideal time for your squid-fishing – one of the must activities for travelers in Ha Long.

3. Viewing Ha Long Bay from a seaplane

Ha Long’s beauty alters in different angles. The best way to enjoy the overview of Ha Long Bay is to go on a flight on seaplane. This is absolutely a worthy exclusive experiences.

4. Climbing mountains

Located on an tropical zone, combining with the specific geographical features, Ha Long Bay promises to give to an ideal but challenging opportunities for climbing-lovers.

5. Visiting floating village on Halong Bay

Even though most of its popularity is gained by its stunning natural scenery, one thing may distinguish itself from other natural wonder is the combination of the nature and human. Ha Long will not be the same without the sight of eccentric houses floating on the water of the bay. Inhabiting in Ha Long for years, people in this distanced village is the embodiment for  the power of people whose strong will could enable them to defeat the unpredictability of the nature and set their footstep wherever they want.