Along with its beautiful natural sightseeing, Halong is now preparing to be a more interesting destinations with the building of many new tourism construction. Among them is SunWorld Halong Complex. This is an grand complex build over the area of 214 ha with an enormous investment. It will be one of the hugest touristy entertainment park in Vietnam as well as the regions.

It is comprised of two main sections: the first one is the costal entertainment complex and the second on is on the Ba Deo Mount.

In the Mystic Mountain Complex- name of the complex on Ba deo Mount, there are so many exiting activities that you should try. The first worth-trying experience is with the ride over Halong Bay with Queen Cable car. It is the first reversible gondola system in Asia with duplex cabin. More surprisingly, it has gained 2 Guinness World Records as   the Highest passenger capacity in a cable car cabin (230 passengers per cabin) and the Tallest cable car tower (188,88 meters). It acts as the bridge connecting between  the beach amusement complex with the mount of Ba Deo. On the ride to Ba Deo mount, you will have the chance to see one of the world wonders with from high.

SunWheel on the Ba Deo Mountain is one the highest sunwheel in the world. It looks stunning from the outside and more than that, we could have a view over the whole city of Halong and the bay. The combination of both the sight and the man-made wonder makes Halong even more appealing .

The Zen Garden is an architecture work which demonstrates a Japanese garden. This is really favoured by many young people, because it provides them with an interesting scene to pose  good pictures to impress.

As many other famous park in the world, Sun World Haling Complex also has its own collection of wax figures. I have met favorite celebrities in wax figures. Wow! The biggest stars like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan are all here, it’s my precious chance to take photograph with them, but no signatures allowed. Because they can not write, for sure.

I have relived my “turbulent” childhood with the Kido garden and Arcade zone. Honestly, that is the best, me and my friends have our best fight in here. When it comes to game, there is no more friends. It is such an exhilarating experience.

This is not all, SunWorld Complex is an ongoing project and in the future there will be other construction to go in use. Stay tuned for my part two review of this complex when all things are done.