Mai Chau is a mountainous region situated approximately 135 km far from the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. Thanks to its pure beauty, this destination is regarded as one of the must-see places when you travel to Vietnam. For people wanting to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and find a peaceful and cultural land, no place is better than Mai Chau. Nevertheless, how to enjoy a perfect excursion in this place is not easy. Have a look at this article and you will know the answer. Or For making your Mai Chau tour packages getting easier let contact us

When is the best time to travel to Mai Chau?

Located in the tropical monsoon climate province, Mai Chau’s weather is not too hot and too cold in summer and winter. Hence, travelers can come there any time of the year, however, the best time is in winter (from October to December) and in spring (within the first months of lunar year). Mai Chau attracts tourists most including both local and foreign ones in winter days due to its chilly climate. I’m sure that the romantic snowing and foggy scenery there will not disappoint you.

Between January and February, the transition period from winter to spring tourists can admire the full blossom of peach. It is absolutely a once in a lifetime opportunity to take fabulous pictures!

Additionally, green or nature lovers should go to Mai Chau in summer because at that time, it is covered by a lush green color of jungles, paddy fields and corn fields. It will not take you any useless minutes in this breathtaking landscape

How to go to Mai Chau?

  • By motorbike: Ha Noi – Xuan Mai – Luong Son – Hoa Binh – Muong Khen – Mai Chau is the shortest route for people to go by motorbike to Mai Chau. Besides, the highway 12B is another choice but it will take you more time and there are not many stunning scene during the route.
  • By car: You can take bus to Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) from My Dinh or Giap Bat bus station. And then, get off the bus at Tong Dau T-junction and take a motorbike taxi (xe om) to come to the Mai Chau valley. The bus ticket costs around 90.000 – 110.000 vnd/ person (about 4.2 dollar/ person).