Vietnam tourism growth in the first seven month of 2017 with very impressive number, 7.24 million people

Foreign tourist arrivals by air are 6.12 million passengers, increasing 31.3 per cent compare with the same time last year; 945,886 travelers came by road grow 17.3 per cent; and the rest is 178,101 people arrived by sea overturn 13.3 per cent, the General Statistics Office of Việt Nam.

Around 5.36 million tourists are from Asia, 1.1 million are from Europe and 505,014 people from America, accounting for 73.9 per cent, 15.3 per cent and 6.97 per cent of the total foreign passengers.
Chinese people are still first rank of tourist come to Vietnam for vacations, around 2.2 million, increasing up to 51 per cent compare with the same time in 2016.

The GSO also reported about other Vietnam potential markets, with an increase of 49.3 per cent from Russia, 46.8 per cent from South Korea, 30.1 per cent from Hong Kong, 27.8 per cent from Spain, 23.6 per cent from Cambodia, 23.4 per cent from the Philippines and 20.8 per cent from Taiwan.

The number of visitors from Africa also went up slightly, with 19,973 people visiting, which is a significant 28.1 per cent rise compared to the same period last year.

In July, 1.04 million foreigners visited Viet Nam, a year-on-year increase of 21.1 per cent. It is the fifth month this year that international visitors to the country crossed the ‘one million in a month’ mark.

Vietnamese Political Bureau has issued an important resolution on tourism development till 2035, in which tourism has been identified as a leading economic sector that can drive socio-economic development. The nation aims to become one of Southeast Asia’s leading travel destinations by 2030.

By 2020, Viet Nam is expected to see 17-20 million international visitors and 82 million domestic visitors, and tourism is expected to account for 10 per cent of the GDP. Tourism revenue is forecast to touch US$35 billion by then.