Located in Thanh Hóa Province, about 3 hours southwest of Hanoi, Pù Luông Nature Reserve would live up to most people’s image of an idyllic Vietnamese landscape and rural life...


Everlasting green Limestone Mountains range, jungle forest enclose a fertile river valley, Alternated with peaceful ethnic villages of Thai people. Green rice fields extend from the waters’ edge to very dense -forested slopes, which are streaked with waterfalls. Women in conical hats tend the fields, men herd buffalo and goats from one pasture to another, and children play with domestic animals in courtyards, or take turns jumping from bamboo bridges into rivers. It appears – to the casual visitor, at least – to be a landscape where nature is entirely benevolent; a land so fertile that steadily feed local inhabitant  throughout the year.

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Pu Luong nature reserve Multiple choice home-stay in Pu Luong area, travel to this place visitor will have a feeling of being isolated, beauty rustic and friendly home-stay. Recommended village for staying overnight is Ban Hieu village that situated in the east of Pu Luong Nature Reserve, the landscape here is superb nice jungle on mountain slopes, gurgling fresh water streams, running to terraced rice fields continuing high into the clouds, misty forests of giant tropical trees, and precipitous valleys.
Pu Luong village

Pu Luong village

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