The Northwest of Vietnam in the recent year is a fast-rising destinations among the domestic travelers, especially the young. The most favored way to discover this area is by motorbike. Motorbike has the advantage of easy moving through the rugged terrain and maximizing the exposure to the nature and magnificent scenery.

However, for such an inhospitable terrain, it is quite risky for travelers if they could not manage follow some basic rules below.

1. Do not have a well-thought and prepared itinerary

For any trip to whenever, it is a priority have a clear and careful plant before hitting the road. As impulsive as one might be, it is not wise to just act out your instant wish. This religion is packed with many alluring attractions which could take weeks to explore most of them. It is impossible to put step to all of them, therefore, it is advisable to have some certain names in your mind which are smartly arranged. Note for some, you should consider the best time to travel these places to customize the most suitable travel plant for you.

2. Do not service their vehicles before the trip

It is just dangerous and reckless to not re-check your motorbike’s engine before the trip. Who knows what trouble could happen to during your trip, therefore it’s better to take your vehicle to the service center for thorough check in order to prevent any technical nuisance to intervene your experiences. In such a solitary area, it would be hard to reach out for technical help. Therefore, remember to keep a repair kit with you just in case some technical problems might emerge along the trip.

3. Do not prepare for urgent situation

To check your vehicle is not enough. Considering the worst could happen when venturing into primitive area, you should prepare more. It could be the SOS phone number, the number of the rescue team of that area to call out for help in urgent case. It is also to bring with you emergency aid and camp. A camp is necessary because there is chance that you might stuck somewhere along the road because of unexpected harsh weather or some undesired accident.

4. Dress too “nattily”

Agree that anyone should show the best of themselves anytime possible, however, in the case of being out into the nature, your image should go behind the safety and enjoyable experiences. Don’t try freezing yourself by wearing to light clothes in wintry weather of mountainous area. Never mind rolling yourself in rag clothes but most comfortable clothes. Lovely picture of you could not tell much of the experiences as your feeling, so wear the most comfortable clothes.

5. Keep the check-in attitude

Within the context of social media fever, the desire of sharing and showing your experiences through the social platform is undeniable. However, it is naive to put the wish to displaying your image higher than the experience itself. With the check-in attitude in mind, some of the travelers thoughtlessly ruin the natural setting or even risk their life just to having a picture to cover their Facebook account.

To travel is not just simply to “pack and go,” it takes a lot more consideration and thought than that. If you want to have the best experiences, it is necessary to avoid five things above.

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